Standard Packages
This is our standard hosting offerings designed for average use by an individual. These packages allow you to host 1 full Region on our Stand alone, OSGrid, Myopengrid, Metropolis-Grid,or any other grids of your choosing that allows region connections.

Included with all standard regions:
  • Full land ownership
  • Connected to OSGrid or your choice Grid
  • All regions with VIVOX VOICE - Vivox, a high quality voice solution for OpenSim.
  • Gloebit money module
  • Full terraforming allowed
  • Estate managers
  • Parcel media streaming
  • Administrator Web Interface - YourSimSpot Admin Interface
    • Backup OAR and IAR files
    • Upload OAR and IAR files
    • Restart Region
    • Broadcast messages to indivisual regions

Full Region 7000   prims: $15.00 U.S monthly
Full Region 15000 prims: $25.00 U.S monthly
Full Region 30000 prims: $35.00 U.S monthly
Full Region 45000 prims: $45.00 U.S monthly
Stand alone with Full Region 45000 prims: $75.00 U.S monthly
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For custom packages & Events
Please Contact Us about any customized hosting or special events you may require.
Our customers on YourSimSpot.Com

"This is a great place to get hosting as the manager is quick to answer questions and assist with any problems. I recommend them!"

– MerrieS

"I setup a test region with them and uploaded an OAR file that had run VERY slowly on my own server. It runs lightning fast, and I haven't experienced any down time or negative issues of any kind. Their support is fast and friendly (I had a couple of questions and needed a different type of OAR uploaded). Highly recommended."

– benfaust

"I have had a wonderful experience working with the folks at YOURSIMSPOT. Tony is fantastic! They have been so helpful in the development of my museum project and I look forward to bringing my future projects to them as well. http://www.freelanced.com/williammichaelmchugh There is so much potential and talent. Please come by and visit when we are ready."

– Michael McHugh
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